Choosing Your Destiny

Issued By: 
Class Trainer
Quest Level: 
Montsognir City
Inner Realm

The trainer of your current class has no more to teach you, so he sends you to visit two subclass trainers. If you are an Archer, you have the choice to become either an accurate Marksman or a watchful Hunter. If you are a Mage, you have the choice to become wither a vicious Warlock or a caring Conjurer. If you are a Warrior, you have the choice to become either a fearless Barbarian or a charismatic Knight.

1. Speak to your Montsognir City subclass trainer

* This quest is part of the quests that help new players choose their subclass. The player receives two of these quests after talking to their class trainer to complete the previous quest, "The Way to Montsognir". For each of these two quests, the player only has to talk to the corresponding subclass trainer for their class. Although it's not necessary to do these quests to choose a subclass (one only has to go to their desired subclass trainer and choose the option), doing so gives an easy 900xp in total. All these quests can also still be done if the player has already chosen their subclass.