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Keep NGD's feet to the fire....
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Author:  Lebeau [ Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Keep NGD's feet to the fire....

The last official statement from NGD about the hack is ... ost1721419. The week of repairs Frosk specified in this thread, April 7-13, has come & gone already. It's the 16th now & no repairs yet, no progress report, not even a "We're still working on it". They had last week & I'll give 'em this one too. Yet, if we don't turn up the pressure starting NEXT week & keep rachetin' it up more & more as time drags on & NGD keeps on dragin' it's feet, then likely NOTHING will ever get done about this "sh*t" imho.

Maybe they just can't fix this via a newly-coded selective-rollback. They may not know how ... BUT ... maybe they CAN actually fix the issue tho, but are just UNwilling to devote all the necessary man-hours to get it done via a simple, but admittedly lengthy, spawning of replacement gears, gold, wm & chumpion coins, etc. to every effected users' accounts after checking all the hack-ticket claims using the last pre-hack server-backup installed on Amun as a guide, so they can look & verify.

"Do not go gently into that 'good' night"! The longer this bs goes on & the more silent, ambivalent &/or accommodating all (or most of) us CoR players become, the less hope of any kind I have anything will ever get fixed at all or end well for those of us who got truly fucked over.... so, I'm raisin' me banner high & it aptly reads, "RAISE A STINK!".

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