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clearing up confusion before it even starts
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Author:  psykodelik [ Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:33 am ]
Post subject:  clearing up confusion before it even starts

I am going to attempt to state some little known facts about myself before things get too confusing. When I play any game that requires the creation of a character or avatar, I almost always choose a female one. This doesn't mean I am female, only that my characters are. Truth be told, as my picture may elude too, I even strive to look feminine in real life. I was born a boy and remain a boy, for the time being. I have started events in motion to correct this "problem" I have and fully intend on becoming the woman I should have been. I post this because there was some confusion about my gender with some other Alsius players and some unpleasantness followed. I hope no one here has a problem with who, and what I am. I am certainly open, and even eager to discuss any topics on the matter with anyone. Want to know more, or simply to tell me you disapprove? Just chat me in game or leave me a message here.

Author:  Icon [ Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: clearing up confusion before it even starts

Psy, I dont know who gave you a hard time but i hope it wasnt someone in our clan. If it was it will be something I will address immediatly. That is not Fist and that is not they way we are.

Who we are when we play games. It is a exstention of our personalities. We come to games... and play games because we are trying to leave the world and exercise our imaginations. We dont come to games to look for racism, persecution, to be harrased.

Who you are, what race you are, your gender, what religion you beleive in.

These things have no bearing in games. The stigmas that people bring into a game come from unfortunate souls. The trolls.. They are people with serious issues. They come into the game and force themselves upon others.. Force their distorted way of thinking into the game. In most cases they are a cancer that will eat a game community from the inside. They truly are the ones with a messed up sence of presence. Its clear that they poseess a SERIOUS level of issues in real life.

Fist has existed as a clan in many games. We have been a clan for over 12 years. We look for enthusiastic mature players, the gaming spirit, everyone is welcome. But we do have a very very LOW tolerance to harassment, racisim or prejudism.

Psy, feel at home in this clan. You ARE a welcomed member. You dont have to explain anything to us.. you dont have to provide reasons.. we are happy with who you are as a HUMAN. (now if you turn out to be from mars or something i might have to re-evaluate.:)

I hope this clears up your clans position on this topic :)

Icon aka Carrot

Author:  Lebeau [ Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: clearing up confusion before it even starts

My 1st toon was originally supposed to be my only one, so I named her Una (meaning one). Since Una is girl's name, I made her female (Solo was taken). People privately thought I was a grumpy old woman for months & months, until someone actually asked me pointblank & my answer blew some of their minds. I'm a 100%+ pure hedero-male (who'd far rather look at a female toon's backside than a male's ... although I must admit watching a running dwarf pump those lil' stumpy legs does something for me I just can't define ... buwahahaha).

Only 'confusing' thing to me is why some people judge others who aren't hurting anyone at all & only 'guilty' of being slightly different than most. Actually, I do know why. Bigotry is sadly based almost entirely on having a human scapegoat imho ... some one or group to blame, disdain & hate as a magnet & whipping-boy for all of one's own self-loathing, as well as the ills of the entire world.

Lazy people who are afraid to progressively think & reason for themselves parrot the thoughtless drivel of fellow bigots & seemingly find some form of cold comfort in their cookie-cutter mindlessness. It's a flawed & failed coping mechanism. By always having others to blame, when the fault actually lies within themselves, they elude self-realization, & in so doing, they avoid confronting themselves & having to do what all find so very hard ... to change.

Being old as dirt (& also having counseled a long while ago), I've met & know a few other people abit like yourself. Some are female who feel like they are males born into a female form. Some are males who feel like they are females born into a male form. This isn't so uncommon at all. Some are homosexual & some are hederosexual & almost all of them insist this personal preference won't change even if/when they obtain sexual reassignment. I believe them. The irony? If they all get the necessary surgical procedures done, the homo- would suddenly become hedero- & the hedero- become homo-; so much for all those labels & silliness then, eh?

In the end-all-be-all assessment, you only have to live with yourself & your own sense of propriety, honorable dignity & (should you have a personal relationship with the On-High) your personal convictions about God & what he wants for you & from you. Treat others as you would have them treat you, peacably, but defend yourself when necessary & otherwise, just be yourself (learning to be objective, rational, fair & honest while also being completely comfortable in ones's own skin & not despising yourself or selling out is a real & truly worthwhile life's journey in itself). Good luck, make the most of yours & enjoy the ride!....:arrow:

Author:  psykodelik [ Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: clearing up confusion before it even starts

Thanks to you both for the kind words. Icon, don't worry, it wasn't anyone in FIST. Actually, it was just a misunderstanding. This other player, who is a good person and a good player for Alsius, was upset that I lied to him about my gender for so long. I can understand how he felt, I would not like to be lied to either. It wasn't anything bad, but I felt kind of uncomfortable around him after it happened. He is cool with me now, or at least was when I was playing as my original characters, so its all water under the bridge. I have come to grips with who, and what I am, and am moving forward into a brighter future for myself. And yes, that will include changing my body and possibly involve surgery at some point. For now tho, I just log in and kill stuff whenever I can.

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