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iconMumble server is back up. Let me know if it works correctly or better.4 years 22 weeks ago
iconexspect mumble outages today nov 18. outages will be resolved when Im done i exspect in the later afternoon4 years 22 weeks ago
iconSome people have let me know that the mumble server is running poorly.. I will be upgrading the server today4 years 22 weeks ago
iconHad a Power outage today forgot to turn the mumble server back on.. sorry :( Its back up now4 years 24 weeks ago
iconI Brought the clan event calendar up to the front page so it can be easyly seen.4 years 25 weeks ago
iconIm sorry beast :( ... I WISH i could still play Rubies of Eventide... its gone forever :(4 years 26 weeks ago
Beastmode_1can you get the rubies of eventide game?4 years 27 weeks ago
Beastmode_1thanks!4 years 27 weeks ago
iconyou can get the game from steam.. or http://realmsonline.gamesamba.com4 years 27 weeks ago
Beastmode_1how do i download the game?4 years 27 weeks ago
iconRodney & Invuln you're both setup on the roster!! :4 years 27 weeks ago
iconI fixed your video Silent.. the problem is you cant upload a .WMV must be a .avi or mpeg or .ogg4 years 43 weeks ago
icon years 44 weeks ago
iconHeya Clannies I posted my viedos on youtube.. you can now find them here4 years 44 weeks ago
iconOk Carpe your account have been approved you have full fist access here4 years 44 weeks ago
iconif im not live in mumble skype me4 years 44 weeks ago
iconUna get into mumble.. i think i remeber you using linux if thats the case i can help you solve this problem4 years 44 weeks ago
LebeauAin't that some sh*t? Get my stuff back & now can't play because NGD's loader isn't backwards compatible enough? Who'd have ever thought NGD was so 'cutting edge'? ;} Don't know when or even if I'll be back. Good luck, Fisters!4 years 44 weeks ago
brotherbrianinternet radio still isnt working here... using firefox on linux4 years 51 weeks ago
LebeauNGD said repairs would begin early the week of April 7-13 in that post u linked, Ike. It's now the week after that one, no repairs, no progress report or even a statement on the issue. Tbph, I'm beginning to think they aren't gonna' do "sh*t". ;/5 years 1 week ago
iconNGD has finally come out and posted something about the hacked accounts. You can read more here about it. years 3 weeks ago
brotherbriani havent been able to get the radio thing to work for the last week, just to let you know...5 years 4 weeks ago
iconNice picture Brother... its already up .. you will have to refresh a few times.5 years 4 weeks ago
iconAweome brother ill go take a look and misc is fine :)5 years 4 weeks ago
brotherbrianIcon, I didn't know where to put the Website Header images, so I put it under "Misc". Hopefully more to come...5 years 4 weeks ago
EztoHey guys cant wait to see the Harlem shake!!!5 years 4 weeks ago
iconSTABY!!!!!! how ya been!!!!!!!!!5 years 6 weeks ago
iconHi Lady thank you for that info. I have already added the mounds coords to the description :)5 years 9 weeks ago
Lady Dusthi somebody shoul add descripton to The Forge quest i checked that: Iron Mounds can be found in Rottersvall Village by the forge, located around (861, 753)5 years 9 weeks ago