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iconI havent posted yet Bib I am adding it to a bigger movie.. it will be up soon!! :)6 years 48 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusWheres the video where we own reds main town?6 years 48 weeks ago
iconadded the real time war map status to the site.6 years 48 weeks ago
iconhey hey new movie and WALLPAPER check them out :)6 years 48 weeks ago
Shadowheya ppl6 years 48 weeks ago
Guntarhello6 years 49 weeks ago
iconnew patch release and event in regnum besure to check out the details7 years 9 weeks ago
iconheyhey gunter :)7 years 9 weeks ago
GuntarI have found you :P7 years 9 weeks ago
iconNEW FOrts!!!!!!!!!!!7 years 12 weeks ago
iconFacebook has been intigrated. be sure to like the page and joun the group page on facebook :)7 years 12 weeks ago
genoshout!7 years 12 weeks ago
iconRegnum seems down,, :(7 years 12 weeks ago
iconlooks like godaddy is having issues7 years 12 weeks ago
iconWe need more WM's on Alsius7 years 12 weeks ago
lhcsadminI added a link at the top called "Post content" that should make it easyer7 years 12 weeks ago
lhcsadmintop left hand side create content7 years 12 weeks ago
lhcsadminIn the forums you might have to refresh... white button "new topic" or post reply7 years 12 weeks ago
lhcsadminYou have been Aproved Ibash :)7 years 12 weeks ago
ibashuhow do I post screenies7 years 12 weeks ago
ibashuok im here my account name ibashu7 years 12 weeks ago
iconI think you all should be able to post shouts now.7 years 12 weeks ago
lhcsadminIf you are a fist member be sure to send Icon a note of the name of your account so you can get appropiate Fist access to this site7 years 12 weeks ago