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iconSTABY!!!!!! how ya been!!!!!!!!!6 years 1 week ago
iconHi Lady thank you for that info. I have already added the mounds coords to the description :)6 years 4 weeks ago
Lady Dusthi somebody shoul add descripton to The Forge quest i checked that: Iron Mounds can be found in Rottersvall Village by the forge, located around (861, 753)6 years 4 weeks ago
iconso if the site seems clunky right now its my fault :P6 years 4 weeks ago
iconIve been making changes to the clansite last night and today6 years 4 weeks ago
iconif you have any questions just ask :)6 years 5 weeks ago
iconOk Itty tyou are all setup you can upload screanshots and manage your roster page6 years 5 weeks ago
ittyHi guys - Itty is here! <36 years 5 weeks ago
iconI dont, I just use mumble and skype6 years 5 weeks ago
Nogjasdoes anye use xfire?6 years 5 weeks ago
Lebeauyo ike, consider updating to this: as it is current & has bracelets for mages, k?6 years 6 weeks ago
iconHEYA GUNTER!!!!!!6 years 8 weeks ago
iconYeah, we have alot of stuff load on the front page :P Ill see what i can do to bolster load times6 years 9 weeks ago
Winterow look the page loaded :p is it just me or can it take forever? :o see you coming weekend :)6 years 9 weeks ago
Nogjaswoot Im IN! :D6 years 10 weeks ago
iconI do know this.... using the side doors.. you should spawn farther from the door... not on top of it6 years 12 weeks ago
iconAs with any other upgrade... we have to wait for the dust to settle and then well see how it really works6 years 12 weeks ago
Lebeaumethinks i dislike CoR. just saying...6 years 12 weeks ago
brotherbrian12-25-2012.... the day Alsius opened the PORTAL!6 years 12 weeks ago
keith_slack666hi6 years 15 weeks ago
iconHI WINTER!!!!6 years 15 weeks ago
iconFist Radio is back on line6 years 15 weeks ago
iconCant wait to see what you put up :)6 years 17 weeks ago
Wintertnx for the invite, now lets see about some screenies ;)6 years 17 weeks ago
lirpaWelcome to our newest members!6 years 17 weeks ago
MyliferulesIcon thx for the clan invite6 years 21 weeks ago
lirpaGratz to Lil.........lilfed is now a wm!6 years 22 weeks ago
iconYay 6 days and no spambots!!! I think they may be gone rfor a while.6 years 23 weeks ago
iconStupid Spambots... Working on getting rid of them.. If you have any trouble loggin in or creating a account please notify ICON in game6 years 24 weeks ago