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lirpaRest in peace our guildy! You are gone but not forgoten!5 years 49 weeks ago
iconClannies I have news bad news, Our new Clannie Storm Shadow.. some may have met him already passed away this weekend. Fist (and I) will never forget.5 years 49 weeks ago
DomomHow has everyones morning been?5 years 51 weeks ago
iconHawkeye. I need you to do a first time login. then I can give you full FIST access to the site6 years 1 day ago
Domomsince when? =-)6 years 6 days ago
iconWell the new patch is here. They made changes to the graphics.. some people are having problems.. If you need help let me know Im pretty good at fixing computer issues6 years 1 week ago
iconRecklas, Deimos of Mars and Storm Shadow6 years 1 week ago
DomomWho are they, i might have some rings they can have.6 years 1 week ago
lirpaWelcome to our newest clanies.....some are very new to mmorgp's. So lets all give them a hand.6 years 1 week ago
lirpaBeen having fun running with my clannies :) If you can help our 50-60 people get their wm coins. Remember to stay near the buildings for credit. We need to work together to produce as many wm as possible!6 years 2 weeks ago
DomomMorning everyone!6 years 2 weeks ago
iconYup i do ill post a in the forums for you6 years 2 weeks ago
EztoDoes any one know how to access the pictures you take during game??6 years 2 weeks ago
EztoIcon lets make A video PLOX6 years 2 weeks ago
EztoFun Fighting today at the Duel Arena! Shouts to sathius! Pvpng 1 to 16 years 2 weeks ago
EztoFun Fighting today at the Duel Arena! Shouts to sathius! Pvpng 1 to 16 years 2 weeks ago
iconlook in the forums i have posted a copy of the ticket i sent to NGD you can find it in the forums6 years 2 weeks ago
Domomkk6 years 2 weeks ago
iconRead my forums posts and the announcements important info about broken clan ranks6 years 2 weeks ago
iconOk Jippy you have fist memebr access6 years 3 weeks ago
iconof course you can :)6 years 3 weeks ago
DomomO My Gosh no way! =-) ok Thanks much Icon also can i get a invite for my alt6 years 3 weeks ago
iconDOMOM and Amonhotep Both of you have been approved for full fist access.. dont forget to update your roster profile :)6 years 3 weeks ago
Domom.6 years 3 weeks ago
lirpaYeah!6 years 3 weeks ago
DomomDomom is back!6 years 3 weeks ago
iconAnd yes I will reinvite you.. :)6 years 3 weeks ago
iconI cant do anything with the ranks :(.. they are broken.. NGD needs to fix them6 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansCould i get my personal rank ''Merchant'' plz?ty:) it vould good if i could recruit ppl with tht rank too :D6 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansAnd i vould love to get new rank or ranks,, =) if its posbile icon ^^6 years 3 weeks ago