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DomomDomom is back!7 years 8 weeks ago
iconAnd yes I will reinvite you.. :)7 years 9 weeks ago
iconI cant do anything with the ranks :(.. they are broken.. NGD needs to fix them7 years 9 weeks ago
barbariansCould i get my personal rank ''Merchant'' plz?ty:) it vould good if i could recruit ppl with tht rank too :D7 years 9 weeks ago
barbariansAnd i vould love to get new rank or ranks,, =) if its posbile icon ^^7 years 9 weeks ago
barbariansguys i rage quited clan srry :( can i get recruited back?:)7 years 9 weeks ago
lirpaCongratz on leveling Barbs thats great :) I may have some7 years 10 weeks ago
uglukstrongbowor me , i could use mag bow or thorkybow haha :D7 years 10 weeks ago
barbariansGuys if any of u got magnanite u dont need... after magnanite update somewhere in this month.. ill be buying all magnas i can get... got lready 4 ingots so help me to go for all 10!! :)7 years 11 weeks ago
barbariansGoin to hit 60 son on my knight :) and what did i misss in 5th june event? tht last man standing or smth like tht...7 years 11 weeks ago
iconGlad to hear that barbs.. keep healing bro :)7 years 11 weeks ago
barbarianshow are you guys? im getting better and my arm too ;)7 years 11 weeks ago
barbariansNothing can hold me down..!!! :D yust for lolz:)7 years 11 weeks ago
lirpaRegardless of the outcome it was great to band together with our clan and realm!7 years 12 weeks ago
H E A R T K I L LI was last man standing on 10v10 :D7 years 12 weeks ago
iconI had fun the second match 10 vs 10. we didnt get to fight the 5 vs 5 it was just murder7 years 12 weeks ago
barbariansi hopeu guys had fun atleast:)7 years 12 weeks ago
iconwe did the 5 vs 5 was a trainwreck.. and we were out maged on the 10 vs 107 years 13 weeks ago
barbariansso guys we lost the clan fight stuff didnt we?;(7 years 13 weeks ago
barbariansThx guys:) i hope it too. kinda couldnt sleep because it hurts alot and its 5am here atm :)7 years 13 weeks ago
iconIm sorry to hear about your arm.. :( :( :( I hurt tendon in finger so i understand :(...GET WELL BARBS!!! WE WILL MISS YOU WHILE YOU HEAL7 years 13 weeks ago
lirpa:0.......hope you get well soon :)7 years 13 weeks ago
barbariansill try to make him play in my place so u guys get more barb powa7 years 13 weeks ago
barbariansdarn. i cant join u guys , my arm dont allow me because i had surgay last night and i wont be able to play for long time now ... unless my bro ll play my char in this event ending7 years 13 weeks ago
lirpaOk team, we are up first tomorrow from what I am told. I will be on a hour early both in mumble and game. I encourge others to do the same. Happy hunting :)7 years 13 weeks ago
lirpa years 13 weeks ago
barbariansi didnt know thouse were ur chars :( and i can get bit anoying sometimes i know :P well nice to know ur chars now :)7 years 14 weeks ago
barbariansWhut :D lol then i have to say srry for beeing rude time to time :/7 years 14 weeks ago
Lebeauya', ty lirpa, went to forums right after posting question. We fight sometime after 12pm PDST. & Barberians, Lebeau is Una, Barb E Cued, Conj U Roar, Fried A Knight, Grouch O Marks, Hunt N Peck, Lock N Load, & formerly, Count Say Lore.7 years 14 weeks ago
barbarianswho is lebeau?:D7 years 14 weeks ago