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barbariansso ill keep in tauch to let u all know7 years 14 weeks ago
barbariansI wont be able to play after 21th june .... so idn if i can be there :/ only maybe if my lil brother is gone help me out and play my char:)7 years 14 weeks ago
lirpacheck out this link (below).....see if it answers your questions :) I listed the team line up below we are team Fist7 years 14 weeks ago
lirpa years 14 weeks ago
Lebeauschedule posted yet? when is the 10v10?7 years 14 weeks ago
barbariansguys plz give me more ifno for Fist teams in fights7 years 14 weeks ago
lirpasigned us up for the upcoming pvp 5vs5 team Icon,Moxxi, Lirpa, Malett, Barberiens........10vs10 add Bib Wizzard, Evillz, Slim Shady, Una, Brotherbrian be sure to let gm's know you are in advance of the tourney next week.7 years 14 weeks ago
lirpaCongratz on leveling irl Barbs thats great :)7 years 14 weeks ago
barbariansHigh school here i come :D7 years 15 weeks ago
barbariansWoot Woot gang:) im grading school tomorow !!!!7 years 15 weeks ago
lirpaI am in :)7 years 16 weeks ago
barbariansif we wont have a chance to prectipce in it with Fist clan ill have to go and try doing it in other clan :( because i realy need tht mount :o7 years 16 weeks ago
barbariansall thought the event starts in 18th june.. but in 21th of june i wont be on abit for personal busines.. so its only 3 days time to do it ....7 years 16 weeks ago
barbariansask me anything here if need more info:)7 years 16 weeks ago
barbariansguys ill need u all for this.... the pvp event 10ws10 clan war,, i realy want to practipse there soz winner can get perma mount.. plz guys geather and lets do it !!!!7 years 16 weeks ago
iconYAYYYYYYY!!! the ranks are fixed again!!!!7 years 16 weeks ago
lirpaHey, guys......yes I admit to not coming here much...because Icon just usually tells me what is going on.......I have now made this my home page so I can better stay in contact :)7 years 17 weeks ago
barbariansEhh so ''cool'' yo be olone in clan 24/7.... but what ever :D summer is coming i got exams in 3days :) so enyoy the upcoming summer gang:)7 years 18 weeks ago
barbariansNada.. =O7 years 19 weeks ago
barbariansIcon. i recruited few newbies in clan but they left because no one were online:/7 years 19 weeks ago
barbarianswhat free items?:D where i have to sing up?:)7 years 20 weeks ago
Ezto& if you could do a offer that would be great & if any one else signs up & completes 1 offer Il Gift you Ximmerman 5$ worth :)7 years 20 weeks ago
EztoDude if you can go to that link & on the bottom sign up Add all your info7 years 20 weeks ago
iconI went there lordy not sure what im supposed to do7 years 20 weeks ago
Eztosorry its this : years 20 weeks ago
Ezto& sign up Il give you free items on R.O So Sign up & let me know Thanks Ezto7 years 20 weeks ago
iconNo worries.. I understand you just fine barbs.. :)7 years 21 weeks ago
barbariansIs It yust me , or only me and you use this chat ? =o7 years 21 weeks ago
barbarianslol again. dont read what i said before,... Still yust learning english thought ;/7 years 21 weeks ago
barbarianshmm , think ques it wrong XD7 years 21 weeks ago