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iconYup6 years 37 weeks ago
barbariansBaytheway... You still have elite gears i gave while i wasnt playing?:)6 years 37 weeks ago
barbariansIcon. How did u name u new dog?:) :D6 years 37 weeks ago
barbarianstht a bug man. till NGD wont fix it, u cant do anything about it :/6 years 37 weeks ago
iconI cannot change ranks ... the control panel is glitched... will be contacting NGD about this6 years 38 weeks ago
iconThis last patch blew up our Rankings.. all ranks have been r4eset to default6 years 38 weeks ago
iconLol.. i missed you this time..6 years 38 weeks ago
barbarianshehe man :D when u read this . illl still be online like 4 hours after this6 years 38 weeks ago
iconlolz i logged in 15 min after you post and I missed you ! :)6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansagain.. :o im too late or u are too fast :P but never in time XD6 years 38 weeks ago
iconYup I do sometimes 2 or 3 times a day :)6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansGuys where are all fist members? huh? Oo6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansalweys when im not here ... lool xD6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansWow man:P u check Fist web every day or what?:D6 years 38 weeks ago
iconDamm computer problems.. My comp crashed.. could ruin my weekend :(6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansWell Haven server made me to play again :) so ill be there to see you xD6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansehh stupid time zones :D6 years 38 weeks ago
iconOn everyday :P O, just at work right now :( you will see me after work6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansvould be nice to meet Icon online:) wau man? :D6 years 38 weeks ago
barbariansnah tht doesnt work like tht :P6 years 38 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusFor what i've heard, i will gona use my xim from bib tu use on my char bluriux from raven6 years 39 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusAt last, we gona play again in the same server =)6 years 39 weeks ago
barbariansyeah ih new combo serve Haven ll realy come up then all thought i prolly ll be back in playin:)6 years 39 weeks ago
iconhehe horus welcomes raven :P6 years 39 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusHorus and Raven all in one... say what?!?!?!?6 years 39 weeks ago
barbarianswell guys:D How its going?:D6 years 40 weeks ago
iconEaster bah humbug :P6 years 40 weeks ago
barbariansEasters is coming...... I hope you all ll have great time ^^6 years 41 weeks ago
barbariansThe game makes no fun for me enymore.. im thinking about quiting or going other server:/6 years 42 weeks ago
iconWriting up the addition for the regnum page6 years 43 weeks ago