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iconThe New Puppys name is Maggie7 years 3 weeks ago
iconwell just need to sync :)7 years 3 weeks ago
iconYup7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansBaytheway... You still have elite gears i gave while i wasnt playing?:)7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansIcon. How did u name u new dog?:) :D7 years 3 weeks ago
barbarianstht a bug man. till NGD wont fix it, u cant do anything about it :/7 years 3 weeks ago
iconI cannot change ranks ... the control panel is glitched... will be contacting NGD about this7 years 3 weeks ago
iconThis last patch blew up our Rankings.. all ranks have been r4eset to default7 years 3 weeks ago
iconLol.. i missed you this time..7 years 3 weeks ago
barbarianshehe man :D when u read this . illl still be online like 4 hours after this7 years 3 weeks ago
iconlolz i logged in 15 min after you post and I missed you ! :)7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansagain.. :o im too late or u are too fast :P but never in time XD7 years 3 weeks ago
iconYup I do sometimes 2 or 3 times a day :)7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansGuys where are all fist members? huh? Oo7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansalweys when im not here ... lool xD7 years 3 weeks ago
barbariansWow man:P u check Fist web every day or what?:D7 years 3 weeks ago
iconDamm computer problems.. My comp crashed.. could ruin my weekend :(7 years 4 weeks ago
barbariansWell Haven server made me to play again :) so ill be there to see you xD7 years 4 weeks ago
barbariansehh stupid time zones :D7 years 4 weeks ago
iconOn everyday :P O, just at work right now :( you will see me after work7 years 4 weeks ago
barbariansvould be nice to meet Icon online:) wau man? :D7 years 4 weeks ago
barbariansnah tht doesnt work like tht :P7 years 4 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusFor what i've heard, i will gona use my xim from bib tu use on my char bluriux from raven7 years 4 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusAt last, we gona play again in the same server =)7 years 4 weeks ago
barbariansyeah ih new combo serve Haven ll realy come up then all thought i prolly ll be back in playin:)7 years 4 weeks ago
iconhehe horus welcomes raven :P7 years 4 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusHorus and Raven all in one... say what?!?!?!?7 years 4 weeks ago
barbarianswell guys:D How its going?:D7 years 5 weeks ago
iconEaster bah humbug :P7 years 6 weeks ago
barbariansEasters is coming...... I hope you all ll have great time ^^7 years 6 weeks ago