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lhcsadminOk puppy kicker you have full member access7 years 38 weeks ago
iconWe also need to make sure we kick start these forums.. Im tired of seeing all these posts by Icon hehe7 years 38 weeks ago
iconetzo you need to update your roster profile page :P7 years 38 weeks ago
EztoBtw We should Post FIST on :)7 years 38 weeks ago
iconYAY the FAQ WORKS!!! hehe7 years 38 weeks ago
EvillzFAQ had the answer!7 years 38 weeks ago
EvillzCan't figure out how to change my profile pic.7 years 38 weeks ago
lhcsadminSure well get together and talk about the details :)7 years 39 weeks ago
EztoYo Icon I think Its time FIST Produces A cool Video not only for the site,but for everyone else to see aswell.Maybe we can post An Event on the Calender Seeing How FIST Is pretty lively What do you think?7 years 39 weeks ago
EvillzCan someone try to go to this site for me? It's the RO register page and it appears blank for me: years 39 weeks ago
lhcsadminAlright Im done with a few changes.. gotta bunch more to make be patient please :)7 years 39 weeks ago
iconHey Crew, Im making changes to the site. so if things look a little jumbly let me know ill fix it7 years 39 weeks ago
EztoWoot Woot Shoutz to all my Fellow Fist members!7 years 40 weeks ago
Lebeauhey ike!7 years 40 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusNew GUI of RO, new functions, mages have bracelets, infinte arrows for archers. Go to RO page to see what have changed7 years 43 weeks ago
Zimmy_BeastWHERE R U ICON WE MISS U!!7 years 44 weeks ago
bib aka bluriusI really hope u get better, RO misses u man. Best of lucks7 years 46 weeks ago
Zimmy_Beastlol awwww im sorry man my barb is 48 :P7 years 47 weeks ago
iconI ripped the tendon in my pinky and my left hand has a finger cast. makes WASD hard for me :(7 years 47 weeks ago
Zimmy_Beastouchy no i havent been on much missed the memo :P7 years 47 weeks ago
iconI ripped a tendon in my hand :( thought lirpa told everyone7 years 48 weeks ago
Zimmy_BeastWhere you been at icon?7 years 48 weeks ago
iconMade some changes to the menu structure. Some menu items have dropdowns when you mouse over them7 years 51 weeks ago
iconget o it!! hehe7 years 51 weeks ago
Zimmy_Beastwell maybe not depends how much school i can get done by thursday7 years 51 weeks ago
iconOH NO ZIMMY!!!!!!7 years 51 weeks ago
Zimmy_Beastim going inactive for a lil bit till i get a new computer :( sorry guys & girls7 years 51 weeks ago
iconok refresh all should be woking like it should8 years 1 day ago
iconThats an awsome utility Skayth. Ill see what i can do to maybe bring that to our clansite. Many thanks for showing us that link :)8 years 2 days ago
skayth I can chain solo yellows really fast. Also been a good spec with my brother we we get attacked by purple con enemies while grinding. Been able to take a few out 2 v 1, but we are both low level so I feel proud :)8 years 3 days ago